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Facebook Relevance Score Removed – What Now?

Relevance Score has reached the end of the road

Earlier in the month we provided insight into four significant Facebook Page updates your business will need to adapt to in 2019. Of course, being the busy bodies they are, Facebook has been making adjustments to their ad platform at a record pace to offer more robust and actionable insights for businesses. But given that “privacy” continues to be the only keyword media cares about after a controversial year for the tech giant, one recent update didn’t get a lot of press – the removal of the Facebook Relevance Score for ads.

For the uninitiated, Relevance Score (scaled 1 to 10) is a reflection of ad performance and helps ensure that users (prospective customers) see ads that matter to them. The intent was to provide a better experience for both businesses and the pubic. The algorithm collected information as people interacted (liked, shared, hid, etc.) and provided feedback (reported) on a given ad, and from there the score would be calculated based on the positive and negative feedback Facebook expected an ad to receive from its target audience thereon in. The intent of the program was to lower the cost of reaching users, help businesses test ad creative before releasing a campaign, and to help optimize campaigns already in progress. 

Sounds good. But now it’s gone, you ask? Yes, and no.

When it comes to Facebook advertising updates, “removal” should always be read as “replacement”, with an intent to provide a better solution for businesses using their ad platform. And that’s what’s happening here. Let’s review.

Facebook’s Three New Relevance Metrics and What Else Your Business Needs to Know After the Removal of Relevance Score

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4 New Facebook Page Updates Your Business Must Adapt To in 2019

Reeling off a year ripe with controversy surrounding profile privacy, Facebook had a lot to contend with as it entered the new annum and the wheel is still turning today as they try to appease both shareholders and the most important stakeholders – the end users. And no, we’re not going to rehash the significant changes to business page advertising that occurred in January. You can review those updates here. Instead, there are enough stories taking place here in the late spring season that will ask your business to do things differently for the rest of the fiscal year and beyond. Let’s review.

Four Spring of 2019 Updates Your Facebook Page Manager Needs to Know About

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Ask Us Anything: An Edmonton Marketing Expert Answers Your Questions

If you’re looking to hire a digital marketing expert in the Edmonton or Calgary area, you know there’s no shortage of contenders boasting of their expertise. It’s hard to sift through the pretenders and find the Edmonton marketing expert who can take your business’ digital presence from one of the crowd to top of the heap. That’s why the most important thing you can do when interviewing potential digital marketing firms for your business is to ask the tough questions to separate the best from the rest.

You’re the client, and taking charge of hiring means asking the important questions about how a firm’s business model matches with your plans and needs. We’re Digital Marketing Collective, a full-service digital marketing firm servicing the Edmonton/Calgary area and beyond, and our client-centric model means we’re ready to help you elevate your digital presence to your highest standards. Read on to find out the most important questions to ask an Edmonton marketing expert – and our answers below.

Ask Us Anything: An Edmonton Marketing Expert Answers Your Questions

What Areas of Digital Marketing and Design Do You Cover?

This is an important question to determine if you’re working with a full-service digital marketing agency or a specialized firm. If you only want a specific task done, like designing a website or handling social media marketing, a specialized firm can work. We’re a full-service firm, and we recommend our services because our responsibilities can grow, shrink, and evolve with your plan as your company grows.

Who Will Be Involved in My Project?

It’s not enough to meet with the head of the company – make sure you know who’ll be delegated to handle your company’s website and marketing campaigns. For small one-man companies, a single person can wear many hats. For larger companies, there will be on-site experts in every service we offer and you can expect specialized care to every area of your digital marketing plan.

How Do You Report Results?

Getting the website and marketing campaign up and running is only the first step to a successful digital marketing campaign – you need the follow-through to determine it’s hitting the clickthroughs and demographics you want. That’s why you need to ask for information on the statistical tools used to report results. At Digital Marketing Collective, we use professional-caliber statistical tools that can give you monthly breakdowns of your views, included in the price of your service package.

How Do I Contact You?

One perk of having a full-service digital marketing agency in your pocket is the insurance should a server outage or other technical issue derail your website. Getting back up in hours rather than days can save a business’ momentum. That’s why we’re easily reachable during business hours and can be working on your issue in minutes, and emergency off-hours contacts can be discussed in your contract.

How Do You Work with Your Clients?

Every client prefers a different working style, so we let our clients take the lead. At our first meeting, we invite you to lay out your vision for your business’ digital presence and see how it can work with our services. You can give us freedom to let our experts take the lead, or lay out every step of the process for them to follow.

What Services Do You Offer?

Digital Marketing Collective offers a wide range of digital marketing and web design services, and you can choose from our menu here.

We Answer Your Questions and Set You Up for Success

These are the questions anyone should ask before hiring a digital marketing and web design expert, but they’re far from the only ones we can answer. Contact Digital Marketing Collective with more questions and to set up a consultation today.