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5 Marketing Agency Resources You Need to Watch in 2020

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With the 2019 holiday season already nearly here, now is the perfect time to look ahead to 2020 and see what marketing agency resources to watch out for in the coming year. From technologies that change the way we do everything to adjustments in conventional paradigms, there’s one thing we can absolutely count on in 2020: things are going to change.

5 Marketing Agency Resources to Watch Out For

Content Marketing

Content marketing has been important for a while now, but the algorithms that Google and other search engines are developing are just making things better. At least, better for searchers! For you and every other business on the web, things just get more complicated.

Worthwhile content is key. Certain marketing agencies specialize in helping you find ways to “game the system,” with content that appears superficially helpful but doesn’t contain any real useful content once you get into it. This isn’t going to cut it much longer.

Your blog has to contain high-quality videos with detailed instructions of how to use and make the most of your products or services, blog content that is genuinely helpful and even inspirational, and extremely relevant links so readers can learn more.

Integrated Marketing

If you’ve been tackling all your different marketing channels one at a time, it may be time to rethink that strategy. People who love Twitter may be a bit different from people who spend most of their time on Instagram, so previous marketing efforts have concentrated a bit too much on the unique aspects of each channel while ignoring overall integration.

The businesses that will win in 2020 are those leveraging marketing agency resources to coordinate all of their marketing efforts across every channel. A unified marketing approach will be key in the coming year.


Creativity has always been a crucial part of marketing, but a marketing agency with the resources to help you really think outside the box and make creative use of every new technology out there is going to be invaluable in 2020.

A multimedia approach to your marketing will change everything, and the company that can help use the newest VR and AR technologies or figure out how to integrate your marketing campaign with the Internet of Things will give you a leg up against the competition.

Better Statistics

As we get access to more and better data, hunting through it for the stats you really need takes expertise, time, and dedication. The results are well worth it. In the past, stats on a digital marketing campaign could be generalized and obscure, but in 2020 it’s going to be possible to figure specific ROI for every campaign.

Look for customer engagement, customer acquisition, and lead generation stats to become less important as budget efficiency and revenue impact become easier to determine.

Innovative Native Advertising

Ad blockers are hated by businesses and marketers, but beloved of Internet users everywhere. And let’s be honest, in some cases, it could be hard to find any relevant information in the sea of ads that used to pop up all over your webpage. Another problem facing marketers today is that Google, Twitter, and Facebook ads are increasingly viewed as untrustworthy. (How do you say that in Russian?)

In 2020, a successful marketing agency will be able to get you past these two problems and by building native ads that look natural and attractive. These ads will stand out where traditional ads get tuned out. They will blend so well into social media feeds that they’ll be almost impossible to distinguish from organic content. Crafting these kinds of ads is no easy task, but a great marketing agency can get you there.

Make the Most of Your 2020

Get in touch today with Digital Marketing Collective, the premier digital marketing company in Calgary. We have the resources you need to make 2020 the best year yet for your business.

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