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CRM Management & Support

Managing your leads is more important than you think. The Zoho One Suite combined with our support is your best answer.

Digital Marketing Collective is a Zoho Partner, which means we can offer our clients the Zoho One Suite. 

This suite includes a CRM, an email marketing platform, a project management tool, and much more. 

The Zoho One Suite is an all-in-one solution for businesses of all sizes.


What is a CRM?

A CRM, or customer relationship management system, is a tool that helps businesses manage their customer relationships. A CRM can help businesses track customer interactions, sales, and marketing activities. It can also help businesses automate their marketing and sales processes.


What is Zoho Forms?

Zoho Forms is a powerful lead capture tool that helps businesses automate their lead generation process. Zoho Forms allows businesses to create custom forms and landing pages, and then track and manage their leads in one central location.

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We specialize in Zoho CRM and Zoho Forms for lead generation workflow and automation

Go from apps to an operating system with end-to-end software solutions from Zoho. We’ll help you automate your business processes and workflows with the Zoho One Suite. It’s a unified system that allows you to connect your business’s various operations into a more networked and agile organization. Digital Marketing Collective will help you improve productivity across your business, provide superior customer experiences, and much more as a Zoho One partner.

As a Digital Marketing Collective client, you'll receive the following benefits from Zoho One:

The benefits of Zoho One:

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