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Digital Marketing Myths: The 5 Most Misunderstood Facts

If you’re running a business with a major online presence in the Calgary and Edmonton area, partnering with a full-service digital marketing firm can take the hard work of mounting an online marketing campaign off your plate and leave it to the professionals. However, to get the most out of your marketing partnership, it’s important to have reasonable expectations and know what to expect from a full-service firm. There are many misunderstandings and myths surrounding the world of digital marketing, and before entering a partnership it’s key to dispel them.

We’re DMC (Digital Marketing Collective), a Calgary-based full-service digital marketing firm offering a wide range of services including website design, social media marketing, website optimization, and search engine optimization. Our clients enjoy one-on-one meetings, a client-centric approach to designing marketing plans, and a streamlined single-dashboard interface that lets you control your campaign from a central location. We believe every business needs a superhero, so let us be yours and read on to discover the most misunderstood facts about digital marketing.

Digital Marketing Myths – The 5 Most Misunderstood Myths

Online Ads are the Only Important Factor

Establishing your presence on popular sites is key to increasing your visibility, but it’s only one part of an overall marketing plan. A balance of social media marketing, blog content, and positive online reviews are essential to building your online presence. Consumers primarily go online for information on products and businesses, and it’s important to have that information ready for them in key locations – which is why our company focuses on an all-encompassing marketing plan to establish your online presence.

Email Marketing Is Passe

Many digital marketing firms neglect the email marketing strategy because it’s the oldest and least visible path to raising your profile, but this is a critical mistake. Email marketing might not reach as large an audience as social media marketing, but it’s ideal for engaging with your most loyal customers. Those who subscribe to your email list get first access to information about your new initiatives and products, letting them get the word out for you.

One Social Media Site Is Enough

Many companies choose one social media network – Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram – and manage a profile there while neglecting the others. This is common for companies aimed at a specific demographic – Facebook skews older, while Instagram is best for young influencers – but it closes you off to a large potential audience. Only by maintaining a presence on all major social media networks can you cover your business for all potential customers.

SEO Is Easy

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is a key part of raising your company’s profile on major search engines like Google. Done by using keywords to drive traffic to your site and ensure that people searching the keyword see your business first, it’s a mix of strategic keyword use and creating content that will keep people on your site once they visit. Many people try to do SEO solo, but an expert knows how to make your content stand out from the many people with similar content.

Negative Reviews Are Always Bad

Too many companies react to negative reviews by trying to remove them – or worse, getting into a public dispute with the reviewer. Handled well, a negative review can be turned into a positive by productive, private engagement with the reviewer. By addressing their complaints, you not only learn valuable information about where your company can improve, but you potentially turn a detractor into a supporter.

The Key to Digital Marketing Success

When you understand the myths surrounding online marketing, you’re better able to avoid them by partnering with a full-service firm. Contact DM Collective for more information on our services or to set up a one-on-one consultation today.

Understanding Google Search in 2019 – What You Need to Know

In varying capacities small and medium businesses alike depend upon their website for customer/client acquisition. For some, it’s where sales happen. For others, it’s a pure marketing tool. At the very least, it’s a channel where which prospective customers/clients validate and vet the relevance of an SMB to provide for their needs. And one way they do this, is through Google search. There’s no need to go into much more background than that because you already know how important it is to rank above the fold on that very first page – the promised land. This ambition does not falter. 

What does adjust however, is what is required to reach and maintain that top spot. Year after year, month after month, and even day after day the search engine evolves. If your website does not advance along with it, it’s position on any given results page (SERP) will change too, and not for the better. In response, Digital Marketing Collective is here to provide you with insight into recent and ongoing developments with the world’s favorite search engine so that you can adapt accordingly. 

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