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Living in Fear of a Google Algorithm Update?

Coincidence that Google colors match Chucky’s jumpsuit? We think not!

If your business has had a website for two, five, ten, or some other number of years then you probably know what it’s like to fear Google. Or should we say, a Google algorithm update, even if you didn’t know that was what lay behind a swift change in your rank. There’s nothing quite as stressful as checking up on your first-page position, only to find that your site has dropped down to the bottom, or worse, page-two, which may as well be page-10. From there, the phone stops ringing and your email inbox is littered with nothing but personal notes from friends and family – no customers.

It’s true that as a business owner dependent upon online marketing you are at the mercy of the numerous Google algorithm updates that occur throughout the fiscal year. In fact, a MAJOR one just hit on June 3 2019, so if you’ve experienced something fishy at the start of the summer season, that may be it. 

While it may seem unfair that your online business is so reliant on the tech giant, you’re not as powerless as you think. On the flip side, you (or your marketing personnel) may be as much to blame as the interns writing search code from behind the walls of their cubicle in Mountain View CA. 

It really comes down to whether or not your abiding by the laws, that know it or not, Google has been laying out for well over a decade now. Those that don’t follow the lay of the search land stand to lose a lot, while those that inform themselves and respond accordingly will reap the benefits. Below we take a look at why you may indeed need to live in fear of the next Google search update. In turn, you will also see where you need to make a swift change in the right direction. 

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SEO Changes for 2019-2020

At the start of the new year we released an article titled, Understanding Google Search in 2019 – What You Need to Know. Are we repeating ourselves here with today’s topic? To some extent, perhaps, but the intent of this article to provide you with practical and tangible steps that you (and/or your development team) can take today, to take corrective action and adapt to the SEO changes that are happening at this very moment. 

We’re also leaving out the tried and true search engine ranking factors. You already know that you need to update your website with engaging and useful content on a weekly basis, and that you need to secure backlinks from high authority websites while remaining active on social networks. Instead, we’re going to reflect on what many SMBs don’t already know, or know enough about, so that they can adjust their online marketing strategy accordingly. 

4 Practical Changes That Your SEO Strategy Needs to Adopt Today to Remain Competitive on Search in 2019-20 and Beyond

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